Aden Islamic Bank - bank application

Mobile Application

It is an electronic service that helps the customer to manage his/ her accounts at Aden Islamic Bank, in which a customer can send remittances and transfer between accounts and exchange currencies between his/her accounts and pay the bills of services via mobile.


An electronic service that helps the customer manage his/her accounts at Aden Islamic Bank, where he/she can send remittances, transfer between accounts, and exchange currencies between his/her accounts and Pay utility bills via mobile phone.

money transfer

Send and receiv remittances

Transfer and receive your transfer easily through the bank or one of our agents spread in more than 3500 points around Yemen.

Know your balance

You can know your balance in all accounts and in all currencies.

Payment of utility bills.

In order to save time and effort for the customer, we offer the service of paying fees and subscriptions via mobile to all telecommunications companies, water and electricity.

Funding request

There is no need to leave your business and go to the bank to apply for financing, as we have made it easier for you to move around, as you can request financing through your mobile phone.

Payment of finance instalments

Pay your financing installments easily through the application.

Account statement

Through the application, you can obtain a statement of all your accounts in the period of your choosing.

Other Features of the mobile application service

  • The customer can download mobile applications from (Google - App Store).
  • The customer can change his/her mobile number.
  • The customer can request his/her account numbers via a text message.
  • The customer can change the password at any time.
  • The customer can stop the service temporarily by submitting a request to the bank.