Aden Islamic Bank - Finance


Micro, small and medium projects financing service provided by Aden Islamic Bank for Microfinance, gives you opportunities to build and develop your project with short and long-term development finances with appropriate grace periods and a reasonable interest rate. Aden Islamic Bank for Microfinance chooses the most suitable financing formula that can meet customers' needs, depending on the bank's experience and the type of customer it serves and its specific mission. The financing products are given to enhance productive projects in which financing is an impediment to their development and growth.

Using various Islamic financings that meets the following customer needs, for example, but not limited to:

  1. Financing fisheries production projects.
  2. Financing agricultural and livestock production projects.
  3. Product inventory financing.
  4. Financing of raw materials or goods.
  5. Equipment and machinery financing.
  6. Vehicle financing (taxis, trucks, etc.).

Merchant (Tajir) Finance (Supporting trading business and service projects):

The commercial sector is an important source of income promotion and self-reliance. For this reason, Aden Islamic Bank for Microfinance is interested in supporting and developing existing businesses as well as supporting and financing new projects in this sector within special conditions.

Sailors (Bahar) Finance (Supporting fisheries projects):

most important sources of food security in Yemen, on which a large proportion of the population depend. Therefore, Aden Islamic Bank for Microfinance pays great attention to the development of this sector by supporting its various fisheries projects and the areas covered by this sector. (Marine machines, fishing vessels, fishing gear, fish freezing and packaging plants, snow plants, shrimp farming, fish powder production, fish transportation and distribution cars, freshwater fishing, marine ornamental fish farming, operation of marine fish spawning basins, other marine aquaculture activities, freshwater fish farming, freshwater fish basin operation, included in the fisheries sector).

Farmer (Muzarie) Finance (supporting rural, agricultural and livestock project):

Agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors for sustainable development. The agricultural development is a collective responsibility involving all segments of society, as confirmed by the positive results achieved by this sector. Aden Islamic bank for Microfinance provides special financings to agricultural and livestock entrepreneurs who are willing to finance (sheltered houses, solar pumps, modern irrigation systems, breeding of poultry, chicks and eggs, apiaries, veterinary clinics, and whatever included in agricultural and livestock sector).

Maker (Sanie) Finance (supporting industrial and productivity projects):

This is a promising sector in the country and an important source for diversifying the sources of national income. Therefore, Aden Islamic Bank for Microfinance contributes to the development of this sector by providing financing to support project owners who willing to finance. (The timber industry, car and vehicle workshops, printing press, furniture industry, textile industry, leather and footwear industry, building materials industry, metal industry, machinery and equipment industry, ketchup and hot sauce industry, yogurt and cheese industry, coffee roasting, and whatever included in the industrial and productive sector).